Smart Walls For Future Homes.

Adewale Adeleye
2 min readJan 6, 2018

Some of the feature our future homes will have is smart walls, a wall that will be different from the solar walls currently used to generate energy through solar panels. The walls i envision are the type of walls that the interior and exterior will be dynamic.

Home owners will be able to change the color of different parts of the walls. Painting designs can be made with graphic suites and uploaded as collections. Owners will be able to time what type of painting should be used at a specific time interval.
Parts of the interiors will have a beautiful weather forecast system or get the latest news from your favorite news and sport platforms.

The wall will be integrated with your social media pages and you can see follow whats happening from desired part of the home which means It doesn’t matter if you are in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, You will always be connected.

The Exterior pattern will also be dynamic and different designs can be used to change the wall pattern. We currently don’t know the impact it’s going to have on paint producers from different parts of the world will be negative or positive. If it’s negative, then paint companies should start looking towards building innovative smart walls for the future homes. Future homes will be flexible that the exterior can be used to for amazing display patterns during festive seasons and important days on the calendars.

Future home owners will be able to generate funds from their building walls through adverts and different types of display technologies.