Adewale Adeleye
3 min readAug 26, 2019

Sending bulk email can be a very difficult task at times and busy people often look for an easy and seamless way of sending newsletters to their subscribers or whenever marketers want to send bulk emails.

We have different method out there but i will be sharing one of the simplest methods i use for small amount of broadcast. we will be using google sheets and a built in add-on.

Before you can make use of google sheet, you will need to login with your gmail account or create a new one if you don’t have a gmail account. After that visit and create a new spreadsheet.

After that go to Add-ons>Mail merge with attachment>create Merge Template

After that, you should see a new sheet containing First Name, LastName, Email Address, Attachment Schedule Date(for future delivery), Mail merge status.

Goto Add-ons>Mail merge with attachment>Configure mail merge

Select the sender’s address, reply-to address, Sender’s Name, CC Address, BCC Address. You can also select and send as any of your email aliases. Save the name of the campaign and continue.

Select the your message format (plain text or HTML). Enter the subject of the Email and Type your message. Click on Run Mail Merge to send the message. you can also send a test email or save as draft.

It will configure and send the message to every email address on the list

Now that we have successfully sent the email, you can now view the mail merge status and date/time from the mail sheet.

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