Proxy Configuration for Windows Sub-System For Linux.

Adewale Adeleye
2 min readAug 26, 2019

The addition of windows sub-system for Linux to the windows 10 platform is empowering developers to achieve more with the windows OS. Windows users and lovers of Linux OS can now run different flavors of Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Debian, and Kali) on their windows 10 powered machine without the need to install a virtual machine. Developers can now run half a dozen of different Linux distribution on Windows 10.

If you are working behind an organization proxy, you may experience an impediment while trying to update your Linux instance using the apt command. In order to perform a successful update, you will be need to setup proxy using the following method as seen in

Create or modify an existing apt configuration file using sudo nano /etc/apt/apt.conf. Add the following command.

Acquire::http::Proxy "";

Logout and login into the system. Then proceed to run your apt-get update -y and other apt commands.