Adewale Adeleye
2 min readNov 1, 2017
fluterwave logo

I have been a great fan of flutterwave since inception and i really love their solutions (Moneywave, Ravepay and Barter Cards) which they built on top of the amazing payment infrastructure for merchant’s use. I have used all their services and i really commend the efforts of the entire team.

I remember suffering in the hands of Nigerian banks earlier this year when i wanted to pay for an international service and the only bank card supporting international transaction then was GT bank and there’s a monthly spending limit of 100 USD. I decided to ask friends with GT bank to fund my skrill account in order to transfer the money but to no avail because some have used part of the 100USD or used up the monthly limit. If you still have issues using your card internationally, then the panacea to your payment problems is here.

After my ordeal with the banks, I got to know about flutterwave’s barter card when Neo of tweeted about it and i was extremely happy that i could fund a virtual card with Naira and use it anywhere in the world. What else do i need when I have the option to create a card virtual card for single or permanent use.

I don’t know if barter cards will be adding new features to the amazing platform.

However, one feature i will love to use in barter card apart from funding my virtual card is the ability to fund my local account from my permanent card balance or transfer from my permanent balance to another barter card user by just using their email address or anything they feel like.. I know everything is possible and it will be a nice feature to use.

Wishing the flutterwave team all the best.