How To Setup Proxy for Postman Requests

Setting up proxy with postman can be confusing especially when you encounter the blank response when you make an API call via proxy. If you have a need to setup a proxy for your postman request, then this short tutorial is for you.

Get your proxy details

postman proxy configuration

Get base64 encoded auth

You should enter your proxy IP address in the proxy server field and set the proxy auth toggle to false if the username and password fail to work.
To configure your username and password, we will be using Proxy-Authorizationin the Headers tab.

You will need a base64 basic auth for the header value.
Generate password using

Copy the encoded value and paste it in the Proxy-Authorization header e.g Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=

Another option is to click on the Authorization tab. Select Basic Auth and enter your username and password. Click on preview request to see the populated base64 encoded characters in the Headers tab.

Copy the value of the authorization header and paste in a new header “Proxy-Authorization”

Next, go back to the Authorization tab and put the Authentication mode back to No Auth.

We are done, You can now send request via your proxy.



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